“Edge, Intelligence, Heart and Soul”  Charles Foran of The National Post (Canada)
“Jarmo Jalava writes songs rich in whimsy and wonder….think of Bruce Cockburn’s crisp melodicism and Daniel Lanois’s low-burn intensity—but there is also a fresh voice.  Jalava has edge and intelligence, heart and soul.  His music stays with you.” — Charles Foran, music reviewer for The National Post.

“Warm, Celestial Sounds, Mighty Words” Peterborough Examiner
“Warm, celestial sounds…mighty words…Jalava mixes lovely music with a mind, body and spiritual message…some of the best music from the local scene in quite some time.”  — Peterborough Examiner

“The album is fantastic!”  CFOS Radio Owen Sound
“The album [What Is Your Dream?] is fantastic!” “It sure is.”
– Enio Mascherin & Steve Ritchie, co-hosts, 100 Mile Music Show, CFOS, Owen Sound

 “Once he loses his teeth…”  Definitely Not The Opera, CBC Radio 1
“And now, over to Jarmo Jalava, who’s worried that he may not get so many kisses once he loses his teeth.”
– Sook-Yin Lee, DNTO, CBC Radio 1

“Rich, Contemplative and at times heartbreaking…”  Shambhala
“Jarmo Jalava and Alison Wearing have often delighted us with their performances. Their joyful presence and rich, contemplative, and at times heartbreaking, music has been a boon to our community.  An evening with Jarmo and Alison is a gift.  I recommend their concerts most highly.”  — Erica Cohen, Co-Director, Shambhala Center, Tepoztlan, Mexico

Anne Lindsay on Rites of Passage  Anne Lindsay
Jarmo’s “…writing has really progressed to a new level and yet I love how the performance remains very fresh and ‘live’ sounding. There are some very interesting sonic elements, and the extensive use of background vocals and vocalise lends a lovely texture.” — Anne Lindsay (of the Anne Lindsay Band, The Jim Cuddy Band, and performances with Led Zeppelin, Blue Rodeo, The Chieftains, Natalie McMaster, Oliver Shroer, etc.)

Food for the Soul  CBC Radio One, Vancouver
“A Jalava & Wearing concert…is food for the soul.” — Margaret Gallagher, Arts Reporter, CBC Radio One, Vancouver (March 31, 2006)

Magical  Lightwaves
“…a magical night of songs and story telling.” — Lightwaves, Issue 5
visit for audio clip of this show (click on Lightwaves, then Digital Prasad)

“So evocative and such an amazing sensory trip” La Sombra del Sabino
Of all the events that took place this weekend, all of which were great, none had a greater impact or resonance for me than [Jarmo Jalava and Alison Wearing].  I find myself trying to recall as much as I possibly can of [the] ‘performance’ for I found it so evocative and such an amazing sensory trip.  If ever I wanted to re-think or re-experience Canada it would be through [their] eyes and voices!”
– Bridget Estavira, co-owner Cafe Literario La Sombra del Sabino (Literary Cafe), Tepoztlan, Mexico

“Jarmo was fabulous…”   Christine Marshall
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jarmo and to [the OCFF Art Beat] initiative to bring artists into the classroom. Jarmo was fabulous. I have a very lively class and to see them engaged while listening to him was wonderful. The messages in his songs connect well with the subjects and ideas we are trying to pass on to the children. This was an opportunity many of these students would not normally have.   Thank you again!  — Christine Marshall, Grade 5 teacher, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, Ottawa, Ontario

Fantastic! SOUNDS Word & Music Series, Owen Sound, Ontario
Fantastic. I look forward to [Jarmo's and Alison's] show a lot…I’m enjoying your C.D. that I bought at that superb concert you did a while back in Owen Sound at The Downtown Bookstore. It’s all great, for different reasons, and my wife, Caroline, and I especially like the one about the dogs. And not just because we like dogs… but because it’s so witty and really bounces.

“Uplifting and Honest”  Gillian Kirkland, musician/composer, Ottawa
“Jarmo’s music manages to be both uplifting and honest.  His personal integrity shines through his songs to reconnect listeners with essential truths.”

"Jarmo Jalava writes songs rich in whimsy and wonder. There is a recognizable sound here-think of Bruce Cockburn's crisp melodicism and Daniel Lanois's low-burn intensity-but there is also a fresh voice.

Jalava has edge and intelligence, heart and soul. His music stays with you."

Charles Foran, music reviewer for the National Post

  • Transition Town

    Jarmo Jalava’s new single, Transition Town is a rocking 21st century environmental anthem that travels from apathy to awareness, and soars to inspired activism and hope.

    Transition Town - Official Video

    It's a cross of Aztec rythms, funk, rock and tango and recorded with Javier Carasusan, Alison Wearing, Charly Peña, James "Jimi" Doney and Grammy-winner, Marco Renteria.

    The single is available on iTunes!

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    Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage

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    Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage
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    Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage
    Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage

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    Jarmo Jalava - Rites of Passage
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